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How to Build a Collaborative Nonprofit Board Team

A solid board team that is able to work together is vital for nonprofit organizations to accomplish their goals. But for many boards, collaboration can be a difficult challenge to overcome. This article provides some key strategies to create and cultivate a productive collaborative board.

Be clear with new members about their responsibilities and roles. It is essential to define the roles of every partner in the relationship. This will ensure that members actively take part in board meetings, arrive prepared to discussions and fully agree with the vision and goals of the organization. It is also essential to clarify the financial expectations of new and existing members. This will promote a healthy discussion and help manage expectations.

Nonprofits have a small resources, staff and skills to accomplish everything they’d like to accomplish. Collaborating with other nonprofits can help them reach more people https://fireboardroom.com/how-can-we-make-our-online-board-meetings-more-effective/ and achieve a greater impact than they could on their own. Nonprofits should carefully select the projects they would like to collaborate and ensure that everyone benefits. This will result in win-win scenarios and lead to more efficient outcomes.

In the scenario above, Family Focus & CYC were able to leverage their resources to offer a wider range of services. Both organizations were able to expand their reach and support more families without having to increase their budgets. It also allowed CYC and Family Focus to refer new clients. This partnership led to an increase in the number of families served and a greater societal change than either of the organizations could have been able to accomplish on its own.

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